This Genius Baby Teething Hack Will Have You Buying Popsicle Molds Immediately

As someone who has lived through three teething babies, I thought there wasn’t a single baby teething hack I hadn’t tried. We used cold spoons, washcloths, mesh teethers, and more, all with mild to moderate success. I’m kicking myself for never thinking about making a popsicle for my babies like one genius mom. It’s such a simple idea, but man this teething hack could save so many babies and mamas from this painful phase when they’re too young to assure the pain won’t last forever.

Tasia Blackwell has an adorable baby who just happens to be teething. She uploaded a couple pictures of her brilliant teething hack, which she calls “Milksicles,” to Facebook.

breast milk popsicles
Image: Facebook / Tasia Blackwell

Her caption said, “The milksicles are a hit” but the real proof was in the adorable video she posted of her son totally going to town on his special popsicle.

He is so damn cute, I just wanna squeeze those thighs.

Over the video, Blackwell says, “When your son is absolutely devouring his milksicle.” Her caption on the video points out that not only does the frozen breastmilk help with her son’s teething pain, it also fills up his stomach. Two birds, one stone.

Parents are responding to the video, which has been shared almost 250,000 times.

In the comments, Blackwell said that she simply used molds from the “as seen on TV” aisle of her store. I’m sure any popsicle molds would work, although I personally would use some sort of plastic stick as the handle, just to be on the safe side. I think this would work great for parents who use formula to feed their kids, too!

Have any of you ever made “milksicles” for your kids? Did it work?

(Image: Facebook / Tasia Blackwell)

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