16 Things You Should Never Say During A Toddler Tantrum

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Finally, during a toddler tantrum, you probably shouldn’t say … anything at all, really.

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We know it’s hard! You want to help them, comfort them, try to talk them down and out of tantrum danger zone. But honestly, you’re just wasting your time and breath. A toddler tantrum just has to run its course. It’s like a cold or a tornado. You can’t stop it once it hits, and you just have to pray that the damage isn’t too bad. Make sure there’s nothing of value they can destroy, remove anything they can hurt themselves with, and walk away. Step outside for some fresh air and to calm yourself down. It’ll be over soon, and they will act like nothing happened (which is the most infuriating part of it all, omg).

Listen, we know it’s hard. Toddlers are like adorable weapons of mass destruction, and when they’re in the middle of a toddler tantrum, it’s finger on the red button time. Best advice? Close your eyes, imagine you’re on a beach somewhere, and ride it out. They’ll calm down. Eventually.

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