Mom ‘Confesses’ to Actually Enjoying Picking Lice Out of Her Kid’s Hair

Being a parent can be pretty disgusting. Because kids are gross, but also helpless, so that leaves us to step in and assist their grossness. We’ve all done things we never in a million years thought we’d do. But it just comes with the territory, right? When your kid has a deep booger, who else is going to get it out? One mom made a “confession” about enjoying picking head lice from her kid’s heads. And honestly? On the scale of gross shit parents do sometimes, this doesn’t even seem that bad.

Mandy Nolan says she thoroughly enjoys picking head lice from her kid’s heads when they catch the little buggers. To each their own!

Most parents reach straight for the medicated shampoos and tiny-ass combs when their kids come home with head lice. You can even outsource the problem and hire a head lice fairy to do the work for you. However, Mandy says “Nitpicking is natural. There, I said it. It’s not just natural it’s good for you. We only have to look to our monkey friends for proof. Nitpicking in the animal kingdom keeps you healthy.” We … suppose that’s one way to look at it?

picking head lice
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Mandy makes a good point, though. Social grooming is a behavior found in social animals, including humans. Social grooming means to clean or maintain one another’s appearance or body. It’s a social activity that can bond families and build relationships. And that, says Mandy, is one reason she enjoys it.

“Head lice bring the family together. Literally. You’ll be all standing in the bathroom wearing the solution while the Head Nitpicker works their way through your hair. It’s a moment of family closeness.”

Nothing brings a family together like hours spent picking head lice from each other’s heads. Mandy says her kids even get into it, asking how many she got and wanting to see their little squashed bodies when she’s done. My kids haven’t gotten lice yet (KNOCK WOOD, SPIT SPIT, CROSSES FINGERS), but I imagine the “pop!” of each little nit brings a certain amount of satisfaction. Not going to lie, I’d probably be into this.

In an era where pimple popping videos are incredibly popular, picking head lice seems totally fine, to be honest. So ‘fess up: what’s your gross parenting confession? We know you’ve got one.

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