16 Things You Should Never Say During A Toddler Tantrum

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You’re just tired!

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Well, yes. They’re probably exhausted! And all the screaming and yelling and kicking certainly isn’t helping matters. But they’re past the point of being helped. During a toddler tantrum, pointing out all the reasons they’re having a tantrum is pointless. The reason is no longer important, you’ve crossed over to the other realm now. Plus there is no reason to point out the very obvious. We know they’re tired, they will never admit to being tired, so just let them tantrum themselves out until they pass out cold on the floor. Which, if they’re REALLY tired, will take about three minutes.

Why are you being so bad?

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OK, so we know this list has been pretty lighthearted to far, but this one is actually kind of serious and important. When your toddler is having a tantrum, they are not being bad. It is not because they’re a bad kid or have anger issues or are the spawn of Satan. It’s because they’re a toddler! This is what toddlers do. And kids. And tweens. Teens, too, we’re afraid. The regular, run-of-the-mill toddler tantrum is not indicative of your kid being bad, and we should never speak to them in a way that makes them start to think they are bad.

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