The Internet Loves This Father’s Reaction to Finding His Teenager’s Secret Alcohol Stash

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The Internet does love a good dad joke from time to time, and this week a Texas dad has delivered with the ultimate dad joke in the form of this jolly video he sent to his daughter while she was on vacation with friends in South Padre Island.

It all starts out pretty normal, with this rosy-cheeked dad and his nicely trimmed silver whiskers looking as pleased as if he just found an item at the store without a price tag on it and is dearly looking forward to saying, “It’s free!” to the cashier.

“Hey girl! Hope you’re having a great time at the coast. I know South Padre is beautiful. I saw your little ‘chasing the crab’ video; it looks like fun. Hey when you get home I’d like to talk to you about this,” he says, as he dramatically pulls up a nearly empty bottle of Fireball cinnamon whiskey. “I don’t know if this fell out of a sock, because it was in your sock drawer. We heard a news report of people breaking into houses and hiding whiskey bottles, so if that’s the case then we need to contact the police. But if you’ve got another explanation, maybe you could explain it to us when you get home. Love you, girl! Bye!”

Oh noooooooo! Elainey, you’re in so much trouble! This dad’s off-brand Jim Gaffigan act is fooling nobody, Elainey is going to be in so much trouble when she gets home!

Elainey seems to have liked the video, because she posted it to Twitter after receiving it, and now her dad is Internet famous.

A couple commenters have been blaming the father for invading his daughter’s privacy by going through her sock drawer, but I would bet good money Elainey is not doing her own laundry or putting away her own socks. The only way that makes sense is if putting away socks is a mother’s job and fathers never do it, which is patently absurd.

I wonder how long it took Elainey’s parents to film this video. I would have needed a couple takes and some cue cards to get my delivery that seamless.

The Internet has been loving Elainey’s dad and his creamsicle-colored shirt. The video has been retweeted more than 10,000 times and Elainey’s dad has been in the news in Hong Kong and even Finland. Finding out that your dad found your secret stash is apparently relatable on a global scale. We all have different experiences and backgrounds, but we all know what it feels like to realize we are totally and completely caught.