Parenting Octoadvice From Octomom!

Mamapedia recently posted an article written by Octomom entitled “The Importance Of Discipline.”  Shockingly, this was not to promote some new bondage and discipline porno movie she has coming out, but about discipling children.

Octomom writes in the article:

Ever since childhood I longed to be a mother, dreaming of one day being blessed with my own Brady Bunch. Although I felt loved, as an only child, I can’t ever recall hearing the word ”no.” At the time, my parents implemented the only parenting skills they were familiar with: my father spoiled me, as his parents had with him, and any attempts my mother made at disciplining me were negated by his overly-permissive and indulgent parenting style.

Unfortunately, after I had my first baby, Elijah, I repeated the same overly indulgent parenting style failing to set firm boundaries or remain consistent with ANY form of discipline. He always won. I would give him what he wanted, when he wanted it. Maybe it was because he was my first, maybe it was because that was how my parents expressed love, or perhaps it was simply easier to give in and avoid conflict.

Sure, we’ve all been there, especially with the births of our first child. Sometimes it IS “easier to give in and avoid conflict” which is why my first son spent a good three years wearing the same Captain Hook outfit as a toddler. Octomom the goes on to explain about how she didn’t really discipline any of her first six children, because she was busy and distracted and she was probably too busy concerned with how she was going to have a whole mess of a lot more children.

My first six children were basically very respectful and loving, as the only thing I did do right, I believe, was express unconditional love and acceptance. The other half of what is essential to be an effective parent and to raise well-adjusted, healthy kids, I failed at-implementing structure.

At this point, she decided to have eight more babies.

After giving birth to the octuplets, wow, did my perspective on parenting change! From day one, the reality of caring for eight babies simultaneously created in me an intense desire to stay as consistent as humanly possible.

And then Octomom decided to discipline them. She goes on to discuss using an egg timer for time-outs and telling them “no” and not to bite each other, all pretty good advice that most of us parents implement in our first child, not our 14th. I’m not sure how she does it. In numerous interviews, Octomom claims she doesn’t have outside help, that she never wanted nannies, and she is parenting on her own. I have huge respect for parents of multiples, and I can’t imagine raising two babies at once, much less 14 children. I also can’t imagine getting discipline or child raising advice from someone like Octomom. To me, she just doesn’t seem like the most stable mothering expert.

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