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14 Cute Baby Shower Cakes for Girls on Instagram

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One of the funnest parts undoubtedly about pregnancy is having a baby shower. After all, it’s just a gathering for loved ones to come hang out, eat food, and bring gifts. What’s not to like? Plus, there’s cake! And who doesn’t love a good cake? If you’re getting ready for your own shower, you might be looking for some inspiration. Many wait until they know the sex to plan this all out, so if you’ve got a female bun in the oven, listen up. I’ve got a list of some super cute baby shower cakes for girls that you’re guaranteed to love. Some are extra femme while others go more neutral (because after all, gender is a social construct and don’t y’all forget it).

1. For the earth-loving mama, a cake without too many frills will totally do

2. Being pregnant is kind of like being a nesting doll, isn’t it? This is the cutest idea ever

3. Moon cake! The celestial-minded (and those who happen to be fans of Sailor Moon) will surely appreciate this one for their future moon princess

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4. If you’re into princess cakes, they don’t get more royal than this

5. Or if you’re going for a specific princess, how about the often understated Rapunzel?

6. Another Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme that is simple and simply adorable

7. This little elephant cake is just too sweet

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Elephant theme baby shower?

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8. Here’s an idea: if you’re naming your daughter-to-be after a flower, why not make that the cake’s theme? This vintage-inspired cake is simply gorgeous

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A vintage rose theme to welcome baby Rose ?

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9. This unicorn baby shower cake is literally everything and my ovaries are exploding just a bit

10. This whimsical cake is perfect for any gender, especially if they happen to be a rainbow baby

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11. This pretty-in-pink onesie is just too cute. Plus it’s made out of numerous cupcakes!

12. Expecting a Little Mermaid of your own? This fin-cake definitely makes a splash

13. As far as cute baby shower cakes go, this Disney-inspired one takes the cake

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14. And for the posh mom with some regal tastes, this flowery, nature-inspired cake is divine

Did you find the right style for you? What’s the theme for your baby shower? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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