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13 Memes That Accurately Describe the First Time You Have Sex After Having a Baby

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If you thought being pregnant changed up your sex life, get ready to experience the world that is postpartum sex. The first time having sex after a baby can be a bit of a big deal. Some couples might have no had sex for weeks or even months since the baby was born. Others might not have had sex at all during the pregnancy, especially if they were placed on pelvic rest by their OB/GYNs. Doctors recommend new moms wait up to 6 weeks before doing the deed, to give the body time to heal and adjust.

And if you wonder what that first romp in the sack will be like, well, just check out these memes that describe sex after having a baby to a tee.

1. Simply NOPE

Sex After Having a Baby

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Because it doesn’t just “happen.” There’s a need for quite a bit of preparation, thankyouverymuch.

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