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Happy Birthday Elmo! Here’s How You Can Celebrate Live With Him!

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Fans of the furry red Sesame Street idol can help celebrate his birthday today on Spreecast, where kids of all ages can wish Elmo a happy birthday and ask him questions. The live, interactive chat will take place today at 4pm PST/7pm EST.

Here’s the website where you can RSVP in advance and let the birthday boy know you will be attending. When the party starts, you can join in and text Elmo questions or just watch all of the big bash for the birthday boy. We will have the celebration embedded on this post on Mommyish.

Even though my youngest kid is way past Sesame Street viewing age I think she would even get a kick out of watching this because who doesn’t love Elmo? I can remember my husband getting her a Tickle Me Elmo when he was in another country because they were so hard to find here and that thing never left her side.  It’s funny to think that I grew up with Grover and he was such a huge part of my childhood and now our kids have the same feelings about Elmo. Unless, of course, you were a bigger Count fan which I can totally respect because he was super cool too.

So Happy Birthday Elmo! Thank you for teaching our kids about love and kindness and giving us parents a few moments of peace everyday so we can throw a load of laundry in. We love you! Be sure and check back here at 4pm PST/7pm EST for the celebration!

(Image: Spreecast)