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New Year’s Eve Open Thread: New Year’s Eve Makes Me Sad So Someone Pour Me A Drink

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456929679I hate New Year’s Eve. I have NO idea why! I have had a few lovely New Year’s Eves in my LONG lifetime, my husband proposed to me on one which was pretty spectacular, but for some reason this holiday makes me all sorts of sad and I have no idea why! Maybe because it marks the end of the holiday season, maybe because it just reminds me of how old I am getting, or maybe because I swore I would start cleaning out my closets tomorrow. I just have never been a fan of this holiday!

Plus, I always fall asleep before midnight.

I am so blessed and lucky and 2013 was a wonderful year. You guys have helped make it that way. I feel like I have a pile of new BFFs forever and I love coming to work every day. I KNOW that I should be happy and I have so much to celebrate, happy, healthy kids, the mortgage is paid, no one is bleeding, all that good stuff. But still, gah, I will be celebrating as I usually do. Drinking some drinks and eating some snacks and falling asleep before midnight after letting the kids go wild with noisemakers and goofy hats.

So, grab a drink and let’s talk. What do you want to accomplish in 2014? What would you like to see more of on Mommyish? How can we make the time you spend with us more enjoyable? And did anyone else vow to organize their closets?

I adore you all. Happy New Year’s!

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