TGI Friday Open Thread: How Old Were You When You First Got Wasted?

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crunk2How old were you when you first got wasted? As the mother of a teenager I am not asking for me, I am totally asking for a friend. I was around 15 and I went to the cemetery by our house and drank a mess of warm Andre Cold Duck and ended up puking all over a pair of ostrich skin boots which were the coolest thing ever that my cousin had given me as a gift. My friends helped me stumble home and my mom was VERY disappointed but she held my hair back when I puked and made me a cheese sandwich to try and absorb all of the pukey cheapo booze swilling in my stomach. NOT FUN.

Now that I’m a professional drinker I no longer have this problem, but I keep thinking about all the times I drank as a teen and how my own kid will eventually do this. Noooooooo. It wasn’t like I drank every day but it was definitely more than that one time. So tell me, how old were you when you first consumed the happy juice? Who were you with? What happened? Did you get busted? And most importantly, were you listening to Van Halen and/or something else lame? Please say yes.

Also, we need to address two very important things, one is this which our beloved CMJ created:

And the other is this:

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I’m sorry we don’t have matching jackets, but I made us an image in case we need to inform people!


So, teenage drinking stories go go go!!

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