Majority Of Mommyish Readers Await Blue Ivy’s Face On Perfume Bottle

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Beyonce pulseBeyonce and Jay-Z may have yet to officially debut their daughter Blue Ivy, but the new parents just can’t stop talking about their new baby girl. The usually private couple has proved to be pretty public about their bundle of joy, with Jay-Z penning poems about how fatherhood has already changed him and denouncing the word “bitch.” But given how this couple touted this pregnancy like the gigantic business opportunity it was, a majority of Mommyish readers envision Blue Ivy’s debut to be in conjunction with some other business venture — like an album cover!

But 15.5% of you out there are maintaining the faith that the couple will not be hawking their child along side some endorsement deal, despite that Jay-Z released a song about his daughter the Monday following her birth. Either way, a snap shot of baby Blue is very much anticipated whether its ultimately plastered onto a product or leaked all over the internet as is the custom for most celebrity babies.

But if we’re going to leverage baby anticipation with business, nearly 85% of Mommyish readers find that move pretty predictable, Bey.



Blue Ivy debut

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