Todd Akin Is Back And This Time He Brought Along A Rape Survivor Just To Piss You Off

Todd Akin is back again, ladies! Prepare your uterus to “shut that whole thing down” because the Missouri representative is back on the airwaves talking about his notorious area of expertise. Only this time he brought along a rape survivor to put it all into perspective for you.

Akin has debuted a new ad in his race against Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill that features two women attesting to him being “a kind man”  with “so much integrity.” One of the ladies, Kelly, a single mother, describes herself as ”a woman who has had an abortion, I’ve been raped in the past.” She adds that she’ll be casting her vote for Akin, whom she is proud of “because he defends the unborn.”

Zoya, the other young woman featured, is a native of Russia and sketches some fearmongering paralells between her country of origin and the direction of the United States on the issue of abortion. Be afraid. Be very afraid. While Zoya does not describe herself as a victim of rape or a lady who has exercised her right to choose, she is a woman. And I guess these days, Akin needs as many of those visibly supporting him on TV as he can count.

Using my pro-life sisters across the aisle to legitimize Akin’s severe and alarming lack of understanding for basic female biology will get you nowhere with me. Who gives a transvaginal ultrasound whether he and his aides rounded up 100 ladies to speak about his character and his “compassion” ? (a page from Ann Romney‘s book). This politician has consistently demonstrated that he doesn’t understand how my female form operates, and until then, I’d rather vote for a 10th grader who did pass health class, thank you very much.

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