Ariel Winter Looks So Happy To Be Away From Her Horrible Momager

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Ariel WinterIf you’re looking for a reason to smile on this Monday morning, might I present into evidence pictures of Ariel Winter playing with her adorable niece Skylar over the weekend. The successful, young Modern Family actress has been through a rough year and a very public custody battle with her mother, Chrystal Workman. It’s so nice to see her looking relaxed and enjoying a little family time!

Since the beginning of November, Winter has been living with her sister, Shanelle Gray, and her family. The girl’s mother tried to discredit Ariel’s big sis in the press, saying that she only wanted access to Ariel’s finances. Workman says that Gray has been absent for much of her younger sister’s life and is only trying to stir up trouble now.

Chrystal Workman has made all sorts of claims while trying to fight the emotional and physical abuse allegations leveled at her by Ariel. She said that the 14-year-old was sleeping with her 18-year-old boyfriend and that the mother’s disapproval is what began this entire incident. She’s made countless statements to the press, trying to sell her side of the story.

For their part, Shanelle and Ariel have stayed mostly silent. But pictures like this might be all the statement they need. They show a loving family that enjoys each other’s company. They show a young girl who is happy and playing with her niece. Ariel is a heck of an actor, but I think it’s obvious that the happiness on her face is genuine.

Reports for those who worked with Ariel say that Workman was a classic, controlling momager who attempted to isolate her daughter from her peers and constantly criticized her performance. One can only imagine how relieved Ariel must feel to be away from such a negative force in her life.

I’m sure there are still legal hoops to jump through. And Ariel is still young. There are plenty more opportunities for her mother to make things hard for her. I smell a tell-all interview with the National Enquirer in Workman’s future. But right now, it looks like this young actress is happy. That’s a step in the right direction and it gives us hope for this talented young woman.

(Photo: PCN)