The Most Impressive Temper Tantrum I’ve Ever Seen Was Thrown By This 30-Year-Old Woman

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Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 10.41.24 AMI just witnessed the worst temper tantrum I think I have ever seen. It was thrown by a 30-year-old woman.

Whitney Mongiat was secretly taped by her husband while they were having an argument in their car. The argument was concerning whether they were going to go on a boat ride in a lake or not – it’s a little hard to make out because she is screaming bloody murder through most of it. She is throwing the most impressive tantrum, ever. Her husband posted the video on YouTube and it quickly went viral. Her mother claims she feels “betrayed” and is filing for divorce.

I don’t know what kind of person would set his wife up for this kind of humiliation. He’s clearly pushing her buttons. I also don’t know what kind of person makes it into their 30’s without having this kind of behavior checked and extinguished. She’s ridiculous. He’s a douche. They deserve each other. In an interview with Right This Minute, she claims the boat was the source of a lot of tension in their relationship. No kidding.

Well now her mother has come forward to talk about how this video is ruining her daughter’s life. She claims her daughter was not correctly portrayed in the video. Sorry mom. You raised an asshole. This video doesn’t appeared to be edited and there are no actors involved. No one is responsible for the way she was “portrayed” except her. Whitney claims she lost her shit because they were supposed to spend the day on the lake and her husband decided to do chores at the last minute. I think this would qualify as the definition of “first-world problems.”

Is this what happens when childhood temper tantrums go unchecked? Oh my God. I’ll be extra strict about the time-outs from now on.

(photo: YouTube)