Star-Crossed Teens Who Ran Away Together Discovered Safe In Chicago – Should Be Grounded Forever

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facebookYesterday on Sunday’s Good Morning America I saw the parents of Jayden Thomas, 13, and Braxton Wood, 14, tearfully discuss how worried they were about these young kids who had fallen in love and run off together from their homes in Michigan. The two kids had stolen Braxton’s mom’s Ford Explorer on August 26 and had about 80 dollars between them,  a video game console and a coin collection. The two were discovered safe in a gas station close to Wrigley Field yesterday, and had been sleeping in the back of the SUV which had run out of gas. I’m not sure about you guys, but I think the first coarse of action is a doctor administered pregnancy test.

I’m sure all the parents are beyond thrilled to have the kids back safe and sound, I can’t even imagine how worried and scared they were. The police didn’t issue an Amber Alert because they had run off together, and weren’t taken by anyone. I wish I could have  a sit down with both these kids and tell them all about the great big world and how love works, because chances are they won’t feel the same way about each other when they were older. Sure, they could end up marrying each other – hopefully after attending college- and what a sweet love story that would be, but how many of us had our first loves as teenagers and now look back on those days and think:

But teenagers don’t listen! I can totally remember how dramatic and intense everything was during my teen years and so many times my own mom tried to tell me things and my usual reaction was “OK, whatever you say old lady who knows nothing about the world and love and my incredibly profound emotions.”  Teenagers think they got it alllllll figured out.

Hopefully the parents can work out a way to let these two lovebirds have their relationship and it doesn’t interfere with their school and social lives with their other peers and they don’t do anything dangerous and scary like run away together again. Maybe a few times weekly they can have supervised homework dates with sodas and snacks and maybe a movie date on the weekend? Man, I’m so square. I’m just happy these kids are safe and sound.

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