10 Things You Are Doing Wrong According To Your Mother-In-Law

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shutterstock_110487776Unless you have the perfect mother-in-law, you’re probably not doing it right. I’m happy that my mother-in-law is not nitpicky in the least, but boy, have I heard stories.

A controlling, manipulative, jealous mother-in-law is mad that you married her son. How dare you. You can probably never live up to her perfect ability as a mother and a wife. The worst kind of mother-in-law believes that nothing is ever good enough for her precious little boy. Too bad for you that you fell in love and married him.

Even in the average MIL relationship, you may experience a little side-eye. After all, it’s hard to bring two families together. You’re supposed to be creating a new family with her son that merges into an existing family unit. If a mother-in-law has a difficult time letting her baby boy go, as many women do, she may feel threatened, like a cornered animal ready to attack.

And what does this threatened MIL do when she’s backed into a corner? She criticizes, she makes passive aggressive comments, and—best of all—she judges your parenting. Even with a fairly good mother-in-law relationship, there may be days when you feel like you can do nothing right.

Worst of all, you can’t speak up and defend yourself because communication is probably left on your husband’s shoulders. Unless an issue is dire, it’s not worth rocking the boat. Part of the “fun” of being a daughter-in-law is learning to swallow your pride and pick your battles. Bet you didn’t hear that when you got engaged, did you?

Judgy mother-in-laws are nothing new. Here are 10 things you’re definitely doing wrong, according to your loving MIL:

1. You Are Too Pretty

mil12. You Don’t Give Her Enough Money

mil23. You Are Pregnant

mil34. You Aren’t Pregnant

mil45. You Steal Her Son’s Attention

mil56. You Won’t Take Her Parenting Advice

mil67. You Aren’t A Good Mother

mil78. You Aren’t Her Real Daughter

mil89. You Don’t Appreciate Her Hideous, Unwanted Gifts

mil910. You Don’t Clean Enough


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