B*tch, Don’t Steal My Prom Dress – Teens Using Social Media To Claim Dibs On Dresses

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teens using social media for prom Teenagers today are using social media like Twitter and Facebook in such interesting ways! Everything from threatening their peers who have been victims of rape to posting nonsense on tests they don’t feel like taking, and now we have some web-savvy teens who are using social media to tell their peers “Bitch, don’t steal my prom dress.”

This, of course, is very different then way back in the day when I went to prom, because I wore a vintage beaded gown from the 1950’s no one else had anyway, but I can see where some of the teens today who are super into the whole prom thing are paranoid about unintentional “twinning” or those “Who wore it better? moments. From the NY Post:

It’s every teenage girl’s nightmare — showing up to prom in the same gown as another — but now many are taking to social media to avert such a fashion disaster.

This prom season, girls are laying claim to their gowns of choice by posting photos of the outfits — sometimes right from the store dressing room — on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

Parents may be alarmed at the titles of some of the online prom-dress groups. Names like “Bitch Don’t Steal My Dress” and “Steal My Prom Dress and I’ll Knock You The F–k Out” are common.

Prom can be super expensive, with some high schools charging as much as $100 for tickets. Factor in the dinner before the dance, chipping in on renting a limo, plus all of this super bizarre stuff from USA Today:

Pushing up prices: crystal tattoos, garters, tiaras, shawls and — for those wearing a two-piece gown — diamond-stud belly rings.

Wait, crystal tattoos, what? Diamond studded belly rings what? Where do these kids go to prom? At The Las Vegas institute for wannabe showgirls? I can see where girls want to get a manicure or their hair did and boys need to rent a tuxedo, but the rest of this just seems crazy excessive and totally unnecessary. There is even a prom dress selling for 14 THOUSAND DOLLARS. Or MAYBE I’m old and square and I only have another year before my own kid starts telling me he needs to rent a diamond encrusted carriage in order to attend prom in.

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