Texas High School Student Suspended For Writing YOLO On Test, Needs To Live A Little

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shutterstock_127801001Kyron Birdine, a Texas high school student didn’t think the state exam he was being forced to take was worth his time. So he refused to take it and instead write, YOLO (“you only live once” for those not in the know) accompanied by a smiley face on his answer booklet under “I have the TAKS test to study for not this unneeded craziness.” The TAKS test is one that he will actually need to graduate.  If he had stopped there everything probably would’ve been fine. However, in a world where nothing truly happened unless it has been posted to social media Birdine decided to tweet a picture of his defiance which led to him being suspended from school for 4 days.

Not only did he tweet the picture but he included in his tweet the twitter handles for the Arlington Independent School District and the Texas Education Agency, they were not amused.

“Today there was an incident with a student tweeting a picture of an answer booklet for a STAAR field test. We have made an initial report of the incident to TEA and will continue to investigate further. The student has been punished in accordance with district disciplinary


Apparently it wasn’t the YOLO and smiley face that was a problem but the fact that the standardized test booklet is confidential. I personally think the punishment should’ve been a result of using such a lame acronym.

In addition to being suspended Birdine also had to delete his tweet. Maybe next time he should just share his cleverness with his friends, it probably would have kept him from being suspended. But I guess he figured if you’re going to give a virtual middle finger to the powers that be you might as well go all out. YOLO

(photo: Sam72 / Shutterstock)