Widow And Mother Burns Alive Father Of Four After He Allegedly Raped Her In Her Home

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shutterstock_60864688A widow and mother of three who was allegedly raped in Bihar — a northern state in India –reportedly poured kerosene on herself in shame. She was considering violently taking her own life before she decided to take that of her rapist instead. A whopping case of “nobody wins.”

Hindustan Times reports that not long after said mother was raped, she set the 45-year-old father of four on fire at her home.

She was sexually assaulted while she was sleeping, and police seem fairly certain that the man,  Bhola Thakur, did in fact rape her:

According to the police, Thakur entered the woman’s house around 1.30am on Tuesday and forced himself upon her. “Thakur was so drunk he feel asleep in her house after committing the crime”, said an officer.

“She threw her kerosene soaked sari, which had caught fire, on Thakur and rushed out of the house. A little later, the house was reduced to ashes and Thakur was burnt to death.

The mother of three, who is currently in custody, has been candid with police about the attack being straight up revenge for her rape. And this isn’t the first instance of documented sexual harassment against the father, as police are privy to “dozens of cases” in which Thakur has been accused.

In addition to being in police custody, the woman will undergo a medical exam “to ascertain if she had been raped.” Glad to see the authorities are at least doing that much for rape victims in India. Goodness knows that they haven’t done much for them in the past.

(photo: FLariviere / Shutterstock)