The Allowing Of A ’12-Year-Old Slut Meme’s’ Fanpage Proves That Facebook Is Run By A Bunch Of Jerks

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God, I hate Facebook.  Maybe it’s because they are constantly advertising sensible shoes and weight-loss supplements in my news feed.  Maybe it’s because they are now  charging users who want their friends to see their posts.   Or maybe it’s because they actually allow the existence of a fanpage called “12 year old slut meme’s.” [sic]

The page was started in August of this year by two Australian douchebags men who by their own description are “embarrassing those who embarrass themselves.”  Their target: pre-teen girls who present themselves on Facebook in what these men regard to be an over-sexualized fashion.

Our intent in building this Facebook page was to bring to light the fact that many young girls under the age of consent are sexualising themselves in provocative photographs that they themselves post on their own Facebook pages to be seen by the world.Yes, we may have used language and content (publicly available content) that shocked many, that being said though; we did at least bring widespread attention to the issue.

Some have condemned our actions as promoting teen pornography or worse. The media have misrepresented our actions and our message, many articles, (even reputable news sources) have provided completely fabricated information that has since been taken as fact. A word to these entities, get your fucking facts straight.
We are two people who call it like we see it. We have made our point now and many people have agreed with us that these young girls are “not acting in their own best interests.”
They are bringing “widespread attention” to the issue of sexualization of young girls, by calling young girls sluts and making “kill yourself” meme’s.  Somehow, I think society could do without this contribution.  If you want to ruin your day, take a few minutes and browse through the page.  It is pretty unbelievable.
Many Facebook users have requested that the page be taken down, as a violation of the site’s hate-speech policy. Even launched a petition for it’s removal.  So far, the protest has been ignored by Facebook.  Facebook claims,
“We find this Page distasteful, it does not currently violate our terms” because it “does not pose a material threat to anyone’s safety.”
In light of the suicides that have been a result of social media bullying, I find it hard to believe the most influential site in the world would be this irresponsible.  Isn’t this the same site that took down pictures of breast-feeding women, claiming they violated their terms of decency?  In the same year as this breastfeeding debacle, Facebook left several controversial pages filled with jokes about rape and physical abuse up, citing user’s freedom to voice their opinions.
What the hell, Facebook?  If I didn’t know better, I would say that your site is policed by a bunch of misogynistic jerks.
The bottom line is this:   As parents we need to be aware of what our children are posting and how they are using the site.  Facebook has proven time and time again that they can’t be counted on to police this stuff.