Hatchimals That Won’t Hatch Are Ruining Christmas All Over Twitter

Hatchimals are the “hot” toy for Christmas this year, and it’s pretty great for parental nostalgia because they’re basically like a fusion of a Tamagotchi and a Furby. (If you could just add some Tickle-Me-Elmo and a bit of a Power Ranger in there, it’d basically be the song “Sunrise, Sunset” incarnate.) They’re little eggs that “hatch” after being tapped and rubbed for about 30 minutes, at which point a little furry bird-creature comes out and does stuff.

Really, the hatching is the point of the toy. Parents are reporting that kids are obsessed with the hot new toy for the first 30 minutes, but after that they quickly lose interest. It sounds like you could get your kid a surprise egg and save yourself $80.

Children aren’t the only ones obsessed with the hatching eggs, though. Chrissy Teigen spent the morning of the 25th anxiously petting a toy egg waiting for it to hatch and worrying that it wouldn’t.

We are all pretending this is for Luna

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That build-up is most of the appeal of the toy, it seems. Will it hatch!? It’s been a long time! What if it doesn’t hatch!? But then it does hatch, and everything is great.

Except when it doesn’t. Several parents have been reporting dud Hatchimals that never come out of their shells, or that get stuck in their shells and then freeze, or that come out of their shells and then appear to instantly die. That is not exactly the holiday toy people were going for.

This is not a good day to manage social media for toy companies. CNN reports that parents have been Tweeting at Spin Master, demanding answers for their dead Hatchimals.


This is what the Spin Master Twitter account has been up to for the past couple days. This social media manger is probably filling out grad school applications as we speak. Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 4.04.42 PM

Parents clearly want replacements for their faulty Hatchimals, but nobody has any in stock right now because they were the impossible-to-get toy for the year. Spin Master is telling customers to contact them for assistance, but it looks like they’re getting a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Things are even worse over on Facebook, where people have more than 140 characters to describe how Christmas was ruined and their kids’ were crushed by their dead Hatchimals.

“The amount of money spent on the toy is nothing compared to the tears of sadness my child had on Christmas when we had to MANUALLY HATCH the toy,” one mother wrote.

Parents are reporting having sat on hold with customer service for over two hours without being able to get through. Nobody is having a good day over there on the SpinMaster Facebook page, except this lady:


Is it just me, or is that the smuggest emoji in history?

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