Target’s Fanny Pack Coolers Make Perfect Wine Bags For A Happy Summer

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Image: Target

They say that everything old is new again someday, and for those of us who know the value of a great pack on your fanny, Target has upped the game by offering us their new fanny pack coolers. They’re not just any fanny pack coolers, though; they’re perfectly sized for something that make summer sound so much sweeter. That’s right, you can achieve adult level one million+ as you efficiently (but stylishly, of course,) tote your favorite vino around this summer in an insulated bag designed just to make mamas happy. Well, okay, we guess the wine fanny packs may make more than mamas happy, but for those of us looking at summer breaks full of endless, “I’m bored,” and “I’m still hungry,” (even though we know those little buggers don’t eat seven times a day when they’re in school!)–this is a serious summer game-changer!

Move Over Dorky Dads; It’s Mama’s Turn!

While once upon a time, fanny packs may have meant that your dad was trying to play it cool while embarrassing you at the same time (as parents, we now know a move considered to be a double-win!) that time is no longer. No, now our favorite place to hang out with our mama friends store for all the things truly has looked into the eyes of every mama about to head into summer break and heard her plea.

The delivery? Insulated fanny packs that are made to hold your favorite wine. Okay, okay, they’re technically Fanny Pack Coolers and we suppose it could be used to keep other things like kids’ drink boxes or what-have-you cool and fresh, but come on! The dimensions of a typical bottle of wine are about 12″ tall by 3″ wide and these babies are 13.5″ long by 5″ high and 4″ inches deep. Coincidence? No way…Target, we see what you did there with these shimmery, shiny and fruitastic bags you’ve cleverly marketed as part of your Sun Squad.

Target's Fruity fanny pack coolers hold bottles of wine and we're here for it!

Image: Target/SunSquad

As if we didn’t love that they were a virtual steal at $6 a bag, we love that you could easily use them to convince the world you were keeping your kids’ fruit bites and cheese sticks ready at the helm, but instead stash a delightful can of pinot and no one would know the wiser. If they don’t scream, “Take me to the pool, and I’ll keep all your secrets!” we don’t know what does, and with all the advances in bottling options for wines these days? We believe our summer is looking to be the brightest ever.

Sure, sure, tell yourself you need a few for a quick day at the beach or afternoon at the park with some sandwiches and snacks. We get it. That’s what we’ll tell the pool check-in person too. Mamas, we’ve got to watch each others’ backs, right? And listen, you better believe if we see you sporting those jolly little bags of happy for mama, we’re going to tell you we think you look mighty adorable because fanny packs are finally fun for mamas too!

PS–we’ll probably also ask you if you want to share, so maybe slip an extra glass in for us?