#BlackFridayFights Is Back Because Nothing Says ‘Happy Holidays’ Like Fighting Over A TV

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I had high hopes that Black Friday fights wouldn’t actually be a thing this year — not because I think humanity has evolved in any way, only because there are so many stores open so many more hours and offering deals online, I figured there wouldn’t be as many people rushing out to stand in line in the cold and shove their way into a department store. I was wrong. The BlackFridayFights hashtag has returned.

The last thing I want to do on Thanksgiving night (or any night for that matter), is stand in line, be herded into a retail outlet like frightened cattle, and fight over who gets to hand over cash to a giant corporation. The worst part — handing the cash to an employee who most definitely doesn’t want to be working during the madness and probably has about a million other places they would like to be on a holiday. The whole thing depresses the hell out of me. But apparently, millions of Americans have made this a yearly tradition, because nothing says “Happy Holidays” and “Yay America” than punching someone in the face for a TV.

I’m happy to report there are not as many fights trending. I present to you – humanity. Try not to curl into the fetal position and weep.

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