18 Unusual And Interesting Facts About Queen Elizabeth

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queen elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth has become the longest reigning English monarch. She’s currently #6 on the list of longest reigning monarchs ever behind notable names like King Louis XIV and Franz Joseph I. That means there’s been plenty of time for her subjects as well anglophiles to learn all about her. However, there’s plenty that isn’t common knowledge. She is, after all, a particularly private person when it comes to her personal life. She’s remained a icon and an enigma of royal life both. After all, she took the throne when royalty was just starting to become a people focused role. No longer were nobles allowed to sit in their high towers and disengage from the lives of the common man. Queen Elizabeth is one of the pioneers of modern, “working” royals.

Yet, over the 60+ years she’s ruled some scandals were bound to leak. They did. Her eldest son got divorced then was later blamed for causing Diana’s death (if they’d been married still she’d never have been in that car). Prince Philip, her husband, was shunned by politicians. Her coronation was delayed in case her mother was pregnant with a male child. More recently, she gave her blessing for her grandson to marry a woman of African American descent. Look deeper into what has made the queen who she is and what will be remembered about her in the annals of history.

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