The Newest Target Collaboration Is Here and It’s a Good One

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You may be familiar with Target, yes? If you’re a fan of the bull’s-eye, then you know all about the designer collaborations they’ve been doing over the years. We’ve seen Target team up with Lilly Pulitzer, Victoria Beckham, Missoni, and Marimekko. So much of the stuff has been AMAZING. But it’s also a giant pain in the rear to get your hands on some. Well, I have some really good news, and a swift kick in the crotch of reality for you. The latest Target collaboration, Hunter Boots x Target, looks like it’s going to be one of the best ever. Which probably means, actually buying something from the collection will be harder than finding the Holy Grail.

The Hunter Boots x Target collaboration pairs everyone’s favorite but pricey rain boots with Target’s prices and accessibility. If you’ve ever wanted a pair but balked at the $80-120 price tag, then you’re in luck.

The limited-edition line will include apparel and accessories for men, women, children, and toddlers. The 300+ pieces collection also includes home goods and outdoorsy shit. Judging by the very few pictures we’ve seen so far, the boots look very close to the originals, which is awesome. I have a pair of Hunters, got them at Costco a few years back, and they’re pretty fantastic. Now, I live in Southern California where it hardly ever rains, so they don’t get a ton of use. But they’ve held up REALLY nicely.

The wellies will come in a variety of colors and sizes, so the whole family can get in on this one. No word on how much they’ll cost, but most of the items are under $30, and nothing is over $80. Even if the boots are at the top of the range, it’s still less than you’d pay for a pair anywhere else.

I’m not excited for the kids’ boots, since my girls have outgrown their other rain boots and need new ones anyway. And honestly, if I can act fast and get my hands on a pair of red ones for myself, I wouldn’t kick them out of bed. The whole line drops April 14 in-store and online. So start developing your plan of attack now.

(Image: Target)