The Backseat Parents of Instagram Can’t Deal With the Way Snooki Handled Her Son’s Tantrum

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Toddlers are gonna toddler sometimes. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, tall or short, famous or not famous–if you have a small child, once in a while that child is going to lose its shit for no good reason. Just yesterday Kim Kardashian had to put North West in a time out, and now Snooki is facing off with a bunch of backseat parents on Instagram because a bunch of meddling strangers don’t like how she handled her son’s tantrum.

Not long ago, Snooki posted a full-length mirror selfie to Instagram to show off a surprisingly tasteful rose-print maxi dress from her fashion collection. Her son was lying behind her on the floor of the bathroom with a stuffed wolf, apparently throwing a tantrum that Snooki was ignoring, and she urged her followers to do the same.

“Sunday funday!” she wrote. “Don’t mind my tantrum kid in the back.” She added a shrugging lady emoji and a facepalm lady emoji, and those are both emojis that get a lot of use when talking about toddlers. (I just checked my phone, and the facepalm lady is currently my most frequently used emoji. I have a two and a half year old.)

The Internet was not having it, though, and as PEOPLE reports, commenters immediately started snarking at Snooki to put the phone away and pay attention to her tantruming kid.

Snooki is not one to ignore the haters, though, and she clapped right back at the mom-shamers in her mentions.

“Pay attention to my kids?” she wrote. “Excuse me, but are you in my house seeing what kind of mother I am? Go enjoy your Sunday instead of talking shit to me on an Instagram photo.”

The complaints were pretty ridiculous, too. Sometimes you have to ignore a tantrum. Deciding how to handle a tantrum depends a lot on where you are, and what the cause of the tantrum might be, but sometimes your only option is to let it go. If, by means of completely hypothetical example, your toddler has become seriously overtired and is screaming its head off because it both wants to be holding its water cup, and not holding its water cup at the same time and will not accept any other solutions or compromises, you  might just have no choice but to just ignore the screaming until the kid falls asleep.

Fortunately, a bunch of actual parents showed up after that and weighed in as well, and most of those agreed that yes, you’re supposed to ignore a tantrum. The kid was safe on the floor with his toy, and Snooki could see him and know that he wasn’t going to get hurt or in trouble. Everything was fine.

Do you think it was OK for Snooki to ignore her kid’s tantrum? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Instagram / @Snooki)