Suri Cruise Is Developing A Clothing Line Because Her Press Exposure Has Been Just A Tad Too Low Lately

suri cruise pink coatLate last summer, young Suri Cruise was back in the spotlight following her parents’ high profile divorce. (Such a spectacle notably made for a very lovely first day of school for many of Suri’s classmates and their parents). But after a year at the posh World School in Chelsea, in which her profile was starting to die down just a little, the 7-year-old is now reportedly launching a fashion line. Does this count as her summer extracurricular?

New York Post reports that Suri “just inked a multi-million dollar deal” to design a label titled simply “Suri.” Because single mother Katie Holmes needs the money? I’m at a loss for why she and daddy Tom Cruise insist on giving their daughter the full-time job of Celebrity Child:

The fashion-conscious schoolgirl, who regularly tops lists of most stylish celebrity child, will launch her first collection for young girls this fall in a New York department store.

If successful, the Suri brand will be rolled out in shops across North America next year.

A source said: ‚ÄĚSuri is only seven but she is incredibly interested in clothes.”

And somebody is also “incredibly interested” in keeping this little girl front and center in the tabloids.


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