Morning Feeding: 4 Back-to-School Clothes Shopping Tips That Won’t Kill Your Bank Account

Ah, back to school. Three words that fill moms with equal amounts of euphoria and dread (The Stir)

Stop calling yourself a feminist (DoubleX)

Christina Applegate launches children’s clothing line (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Free back-to-school apps (

When to talk money in relationships (YourTango)

Ryan Gosling is back in New York, which means I’m on the prowl (The Frisky)

Hey, fish: wear sunscreen (The Hairpin)

No, women aren’t the new men (HuffPo Women)

It’s possible to eat too many fruits and veggies (YouBeauty)

When daycare drop-offs attack (Babble)

(photo: karen roach/ Shutterstock)

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