Suri Cruise’s First Day Of School Is The Shit Show You Predicted

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Suri CruiseLittle Suri Cruise started her first of school this week, and we have her official First Day Of School paparazzi snap to prove it. But despite that Tom Cruise was not in sight for the big day, the paparazzi was — in massive, and pretty disgusting proportions.

Granted the notion of a quiet, private life for this little girl evaporated with her debut Vanity Fair cover. The kid is only six years old and she already has people assuming her voice in a particularly popular blog and book combo. But while the first day of school can leave many a parent and kid with frazzled nerves, imagine an entire TV crew awaiting your arrival:

Dozens of paparazzi, including a German television crew, showed up hoping for a shot of the pint-sized princess or her famous parents.

Katie Holmes many be old hat at considering her daughter’s safety in the face of paparazzi throngs, but other parents at The Avenues school are not so seasoned. Can you even imagine the liability disaster if one of those photographers knocked over some other kindergartner just to get a Suri snap? Luckily, The Avenues appears to be prioritizing the safety of the other students too:

The presence of Cruise — not to mention hundreds of others who could afford the school’s hefty tuition — meant at least four cops and several private security guards were there to protect kids from the swarms of photographers.

Paparazzi were on the scene for both Monday’s orientation day and Tuesday’s first day of classes.

Nice to know that the pap didn’t let us down on this one.