Mommyish Gift Guide: The Must-Have Toys That Young Kids Are Clamoring For

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My mother, sister and I went holiday shopping this weekend. As we checked items off our Christmas lists and organized receipts, my sister was still hunting, online and in stores, for one present that her daughter just had to have. Everywhere we went, she was looking for Fijits.

“What the hell is a Fijit?” I finally asked her, after searching through numerous toy aisles.

“It’s this little robot. They dance and tell jokes. We need a purple one and we can’t find it anywhere.” My niece has a thing for purple.

“Where did she hear about it? I have no idea what this thing is.” I really thought that my niece had seen some random, obscure TV infomercial and clung to it. Now my sister was left scouring eBay for a defunct toy.

“Lindsay, they’re everywhere!” My sister looked at my like I was a lunatic.

After a little research, I’m now considering paying double the retail value for a purple Fijit for my niece, if my sister hasn’t already.

I realized two things. First, DVR has completely spoiled me and I never watch commercials anymore. Two, there are some seriously popular toys out there that I had never even heard of. In fact, I had my Christmas shopping almost completely done and I was woefully ignorant of the top toys for kids this year.

While some people deride these fad items as a waste of time and money, I can also completely understand wanting to get that extra-special toy for your child. None of us want our children to feel left out when they had back to school from the holiday break. Honestly, I don’t want my niece to return to class, the only one of her friends without a prized Fijit. That’s why I’m asking for anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of purple Fijits to come forward. Just joking. Kind of.

Whether we like the holiday craziness or not, some toys become must-haves for the playground. Here’s some of the toys that every kid in the class wants to find under their tree this year.