The Parents Who Ran A Strip Club Out Of Their Home Deserve Some Mommy Judging

How creepy and awful and horrifying is this one, guys. And I totally feel okay mommy-judging and making a huge old frowny face over this news story. These monsters deserve our mommy judgement and our hatred. I hope they have a nice warm place in Lindsay’s “Burn In Hell” section.  A couple with 7 adopted children were running an “exotic” club outside of their home. I keep picturing the stripper pole next to the refrigerator considering investigators found ecstasy pills on the kitchen counter.

From The LA Times:

Authorities in Perris have arrested a couple accused of running an exotic strip club inside the home where they were raising seven children. They are scheduled to be arraigned later this month.

The strip club was complete with a platform/dancing pole, alcohol and a private ”Exotic Zone,” according to court documents provided by the Riverside County district attorney’s office.

Sheriff’s deputies uncovered what authorities describe as a strip club and alleged child abuse when they searched the house of Gregory and LaQuron Lacy in the 3000 block of Kalei Court after a homicide there in July.

As absurd and inappropriate as the idea of an in-home strip club is, the story gets even worse. All 7 of the children are under eleven years old and were abused by both parents, including allegations that one of the children, a 7 year old girl, was sexually assaulted by her adoptive father on the bathroom floor.

According to the documents, the children told officers that LaQuron Lacy, 43, would hit them with ”fists, belts, hangers and metal objects, which caused them traumatic injuries and scarring,” and that she ”often refused to feed them and often locked them in their bedrooms.”

The children told officers they witnessed late-night strip club parties that lasted until the early morning, the documents said.

News stories like this make me want to run far away from society and live in a cave. Or else cry for a few weeks nonstop. I don’t understand why these people were able to adopt 7 children and social services had no indication of what type of parents they were. In order to adopt a child, you have to have in-home visits from the agency you are adopting from. Did they just hide the stripper pole and stage when these visits took place? Assuming the kids were in school, didn’t a teacher notice they were exhibiting signs of abuse?

I love being a parent more than anything. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. And even though we know all of our kids are safe and happy and hopefully healthy, part of being a parent and having love for our own children is the fact when you read stories like this, you feel your heart wrench in your stomach and you can’t fathom how anyone could treat kids like this. The love I have for my own kids has increased that capacity of love I have for all kids. I can’t read things like this and not feel like I would do anything to help those kids, to make them safe, to try and help them heal. I don’t know how we, as humans, can stop these type of things from happening. But I know I would do anything to make it so no child ever had to go through this.

(photo:  Colin D. Young/Shutterstock)

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