Teary Video Shows Young Boy Reunited With Lost Dog After Two+ Weeks Separated

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We’re ugly crying RN … just like Alyssa Milano. The Charmed actress-turned-political-activist shared a video on her Twitter that shows a dog, Piper getting reunited with her pint-sized owner after being lost for two and a half weeks! Of course, she was wrapped in bows because it’s the holiday season. Talk about the perfect gift!

The hockey fan, as we can see from his ‘Buffalo hockey’ beanie, is taped by his mom leaving school for the day. When he locks eyes with two-year-old Piper, he falls into tears. Check out the video below:

April Elizabeth Licata originally shared the video on her personal Facebook page, saying that they let out their pug on November 18th and she never came home — Carter and Natalie, the children, feared she’d been lost for good. But then the Genesee County Animal Shelter called and it seemed like they had little Piper safe and sound. April calls it a Christmas miracle!

“Seeing her little tail wag as she came out from the back of the [animal shelter] where she had been so well taken can of, I lost it!” April wrote. “Carter and Natalie were out of town for a few days with their dads [sic] family, and so I hoped to make their reunions special. This video is no doubt the embodiment of that! It’s so amazing to see the love, and honestly the video says more than any words I could write… What a Christmas miracle for our family and thank you to everyone who helped bring Piper home.”

The video had comments from friends and family writing things like, “Blessings!”, “I told you to never give up,” and more.

In the original post to announce Piper was missing, April said she had “series Mom guilt” over losing little Piper.

Thank goodness Piper was found safe and sound and hopefully April’s mom guilt has dissipated. Happens to the best of us!