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This Cute Video Of A Dog Assisting Firefighters Will Brighten Your Day

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We don’t deserve dogs. Human’s best friend will protect us, protect our kids, and even protect our neighborhood — as you can see from a viral video going around that shows a dog helping his local firefighters. In the video, you can see five firefighters working to pull down a tree with a rope. When the camera pans to the end of the rope, doggo is spotted tugging along with his firefighting friends — just using his teeth!

You can watch the video here:

I halp! from r/aww

In just four hours, the video went viral. But it turned out to be a repost from another viral video that circulated in 2016. Per InspireMore, the vid was taken in the Netherlands and the very good boy’s name is Rocky!

It’s the holiday season which means we’ve been feeling EXTRA emotional lately. This is just the latest cute dog video that’s got us weepy-eyed, so next up you can watch this cute golden lab protect a newborn baby!

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