This Realistic Makeup Tutorial Sounds Like All of Us When We Get Ready

(YouTube/Tanya Hennessy)

Do you ever watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and think to yourself, “How the hell did they do that?” Do you find yourself scratching your head, pondering the intricacies of contouring and think, “Hrm, must be sorcery?” Do the various names of makeup brushes completely elude you? Can you even recall the last time you washed said brushes? You are certainly not alone.

Tanya Hennessy is a YouTuber from Australia and she, like many of us, is tired of the seemingly effortless videos that show flawless women painting their faces with the skill of a Bob Ross-ian cosmetologist. Really, how many of us apply primer, foundation, blush, and more every single morning? Certainly not this mama.

Thus, she decided to create the Everyday Makeup Tutorial: a simple how-to on applying, brushing, blending and more that you’ll finally be able to relate to.

In the video, Hennessy (who is known for other hilarious videos like Things People Say To Brazilian Waxers) shows her viewers exactly what it’s like for most of us makeup-illiterate ladies to follow a standard YouTube makeup tutorial. From applying primer that a lady sold her “against her will” because she was threatened by her (hello, every time you walk into Sephora) to brushing on some seriously disastrous brows, you’ll laugh your way through the whole thing. Mostly because we have all been there.


FINALLY a makeup tutorial I can handle because seriously, this is me.

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