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This Video of A Golden Lab Protecting Newborn Baby Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

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 Video of A Golden Lab Protecting Newborn Baby
While it’s true that our dogs can get jealous when a newborn baby comes into the family, like a big sibling, they can also get pretty protective of the little one. A cute YouTube video shows an older Golden Lab protecting and caring for a newborn baby and it will tug at your heartstrings. In the view, the pup can be seen covering the baby with a blanket, fetching the baby’s shoes, and it even shows the mom showing the kid a video of the Golden Lab to successfully stop them from crying. If only it were always that easy!

You can watch the video below:


We’re suckers for a cute dog video and it’s even better when there are babies involved! That’s why we decided to attach three more similar videos!

In this next one, a Golden Lab helps a newborn baby take a bath!


The video was uploaded in 2015 and only has around 26K views! People have really been sleeping on this adorable video. The pup’s name is Stella and the baby boy is Luke!

In this, a Golden Retriever named Birra meets her new sis!


You can tell the new mom is a little nervous for the family dog to meet her new daughter, but Birra is nothing but tender with her baby-sis. Even better news? @BirraTheGolden is on Instagram and she and her sister are still close as ever!

The next heartwarming viral video of a dog and baby snuggle sesh will make your day


Some dogs never calm down but this one is chill AF with the new baby who’s resting on the pup’s belly. Some have commented that it seems like the baby is pooping during the video. What do you think?

What’s your favorite video of dogs and babies together? Let us know in the comments below (and link to it, obviously!).