Man’s Re-Animation Of Sleeping Beauty For Movie Theater Proposal Draws Celeb Reactions

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A man’s three-minute Sleeping Beauty proposal to his high school sweetheart has quickly gone viral, thanks to the man’s creativity. Lee Loechler took six months to plan the perfect way to pop the question in a theater “filled with [the couple’s] friends and family.” We’ve got to admit, this is pretty epic.

Lee, who, according to his LinkedIn, is the Director of Content at Friends At Work, worked with an illustrator named Kayla Coombs to remake the ending of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and make the lead characters look a little bit more like him and his cardiologist girlfriend, Sthuthi David. Then, he re-wrote the ending so that Prince Philip wakes Sleeping Beauty and proposes in one fell swoop.

Sthuthi’s face turns from a puzzled one to an amused one to a stunned one as the animated Lee throws a ring box into the air and the IRL Lee picks it up and gets onto one knee. Watch the heartwarming moment below:


“I love you with all of my heart, including all of its ventricles, atriums, valves…” he says. Sthuthi David, M.D., will you live happily ever after with me?”

When she says “yes,” the three fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty begin to cheer on the screen — and the friends and family in the audience do, too. Sorry, future proposers, this is going to be a tough one to top.

Since the video went viral so quickly, it caught the attention of some of our favorite celebrities. Katie Couric, commented on Complex‘s IG repost saying, “This is amazing!”, Vanessa Hudgens wrote, “I’m dead,” and Dwayne Wade wrote that this guy is, “Setting the bar higher.”

Lee has responded to the love on his Instagram, posting an email that says “[email protected]” to his Instagram and writing, “Hi new followers! It’s all downhill from here. You have been warned,” in an Instagram Story. He also mentioned that the illustrator @KaylaCoombs has a book out called What Can We Be? and that all the proceeds go to help the Australian bushfires. We had to know those involved in this heartwarming proposal were good people.