STFU Parents: Parent Parking Drama On Facebook

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2. Park-Shaming

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Dear, Red: Your car is the bigger car here. Your car is taking up the same amount of space, if not more, than the Cobalt, which is parked within the designated lines. Why do you care how the Cobalt driver got out of the car? Is your car scratched? No? Then stop whining on Facebook. Vans were designed to have sliding doors for a reason, and it appears you’re just now figuring out what that reason is. Yes, it’s highly annoying that this car is parked right next to yours, much like it’s annoying that there’s gridlock in most American cities from 4-7pm, and it’s annoying that gas prices fluctuate. But it isn’t this driver’s fault that he or she parked so close to your car, and if your minivan was smaller, you probably wouldn’t have had as much difficulty getting the kids in. Just a thought.

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