Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Had a Cute Baby and Really Jumped on the Old-School Baby Name Trend

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Adam Levine and supermodel Behati Prinsloo just had a baby girl, and with parents like hers, she is surely blessed like Sleeping Beauty with beauty, riches, and … oh wait, Sleeping Beauty’s third christening gift was that she would not be killed by a poison spinning needle when she was 16. Well, Baby Levine probably has that, too, because honestly most people don’t die from spinning needles in 2016. Statistically speaking, Baby Levine will probably never even see a spinning needle, unless she gets really into Renaissance Faires as she gets older, but even those are pretty safe. In general, she has all the blessings of a fairy tale princess. She even has an extremely old-school baby name to go along with it.

According to She Knows, Levine and Prinsloo have named their little girl Dusty Rose Levine, and it’s a very pretty, old-fashioned baby name that only sounds a little bit like a Yankee Candle product, but I feel a little bad because I can’t stop giggling at it, because I can’t stop thinking of Betty White and her “Dusty Muffin” sketch on Saturday Night Live.

“The Delicious Dish” was a hilarious recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live, wherein NPR hosts Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon would interview a baker about their baked goods, and it would be played straight and boring but be full of wildly inappropriate innuendo because of the weird, sexual names of the guests. Alec Baldwin was guest Pete Schweddy, who went on the air to talk about his “Schweddy Balls,” and then later Betty White was Florence Dusty, who spoke at length about how much everyone loved her Giant Dusty Muffin.

“I’m Florence Dusty! I’m 88 and a half years old, and I’m proud to unveil my Giant Dusty Muffin!” Betty White exults. It basically goes on like that for the whole sketch.


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I think it is hilarious, because I love Betty White and also apparently I am 12. I kind of hope Dusty Rose Levine decides to become a baker when she grows up, so she can steal all these jokes in 2096.