STFU Parents: Irrationally Angry Parents Who Call People Out On Facebook

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1. Brave Boys Get Popcorn, Bitch


When Amanda says, “So I let that bitch have a piece of my mind while Nick was screaming,” I wonder if she realizes the “bitch” in question is just a person working the register at a family-owned popcorn and gift shop? A person working for a company that prides itself on “great popcorn, outstanding service and a personal connection to our customers”? A person who’s likely one of these people, who all look pretty darn nice to me! Amanda should tell her “brave boy” to suck it up because Mommy only left the house with Daddy’s credit card, and that just isn’t going to work at Grand Rapids Popcorn anymore. Then she should rethink ever typing “kuz” again, kuz it’s truly terrible. PS: Who wants s’mores popcorn? ME! I DO.

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