A Little Girl Used Her Birthday Money to Surprise Her Brother with a Hamster, and His Reaction Will Definitely Make Your Day

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(Image: getty images)

(Image: getty images)

Having a shitty day? I have the solution for that! Because this little girl gave her brother a pet hamster, and the whole thing is so adorable I guarantee it will produce tears in at least some of you.

According to Fox 13, little Abby Stout got a hamster for a pet, and her older brother Daniel decided he wanted one too. He had been working hard and doing extra chores to earn the money to buy the hamster he’d picked out at the store, but before he could reach his goal his little sister had a birthday and told her mother that she wanted to use her birthday money to buy Daniel his hamster.

Are you “awww”-ing? I am. I can’t deal. That’s too sweet. Kids are the greatest.

Abby wanted to surprise her brother, so they waited until he wasn’t home, then her parents took her to the store to buy the hamster and sneak it back into her brother’s room. When he walks through the door she can barely contain her excitement as she drags him to his room to see the hamster.

“I got you a hamster!,” she says gleefully. “I paid for it!”

She looks so proud in that moment it’s positively heartwarming. My heart is warmed. So is Daniel’s. He grabs his little sister and starts crying, and she’s crying, and I’m crying too, and it’s all so cute that I totally want another baby so they can grow up and be cute like this together.

“Are you crying?” Abby asks. “Because I am!”


So ever since Abby got her hamster Daniel had been busting his butt doing extra chores and going above and beyond to…

Posted by Rachel Stout on Monday, February 15, 2016

Siblings are the best. Sure, they throw things at each other and fight like demons whenever you’re just trying to clean up the kitchen or go to the bathroom, but then they do stuff like this and it’s like all the cup-throwing and rug burns never happened.