STFU Parents: Are Grandmajackers Annoying Or Just Cluelessly Adorable?

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6. Tapjacking


Here we have yet another Carol (a name that peaked in 1945, i.e. grandma-aged), and I think she’s trying to make a correlation between Linda’s status update and her sweet new grandbaby, but if Carol’s comment was a tap dance move, it’d probably classify as a “ball change” (defined as “alternately [placing] weight on the balls of the feet from each foot”). In other words, changing the subject. She’s shuffling the conversation like a little Shirley Temple Black. Does she even appreciate Linda’s pure passion for tap dancing — an audible and leather-shoed love affair that I once knew myself — or does she just want to evangelize about how great it is having a sweet new grandbaby? Maybe Carol needs a lesson in staying out of the spotlight. OR maybe, just maybe, Carol’s comment was exactly what Linda needed to hear. Maybe knowing that Carol has a sweet new grandbaby fills Linda with a joy like she’s never known, beyond tap dancing or anything else. After all, who doesn’t love a doting grandma? Isn’t that what Facebook is for?

**tap dances stage left out of this post**

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