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STFU Parents: Giving Thanks For All The Cool Parents

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Last year, I deterred from my usual Thanksgiving round-up of Gold Star (aka funny) submissions in order to talk trash about all of those “30 Days Of Thankful” updates, which were embraced by hoards of well-intentioned parents on Facebook. Man, am I glad that fad slowed down this year. I guess you could say that I’m thankful that only a small percentage of people told their newsfeeds precisely how they thankful they were every day for a month straight. To show my gratitude, I’m resuming my Thanksgiving tradition of being genuinely thankful for all the parents who are doing social media right. Receiving Gold Star submissions is like a light at the end of the toilet for me sometimes, as I might get five submissions in a row with email subjects like ‘Poo pic — CAN’T UNSEE’ and ‘Poop and vomit, sorry!’ But somewhere amidst that stink pile, a shiny Gold Star submission can be found sandwiched between the nastiness, and I know that it’s going to make me laugh instead of shudder. For this, I stand (no, sit, casually, in my pajamas) in modest appreciation.

What is it that compels some parents to post about bodily fluids and others to turn their parenting lives into hilarious snippets of humor? I have no idea. But I don’t think it’s typical for individual parents to post about both. You’re either a “Cool Mom” (in the best sense), or you’re someone who revels in bloody tooth socket photography, in my experience. Which is why it’s so important that I occasionally press pause on the criticism and make room for the praise. There are some fucking funny parents on social media, and it’s important to acknowledge them. We’re not laughing at them, we’re laughing with them, and it’s refreshing.

I’d also like to add that I’m thankful to all of you Mommyish readers. It’s a privilege to write here each week and dive into whatever topical story is blowing up everyone’s newsfeeds (like moms punching each other in parking lots) or rant about a social media trend that drives me crazy (like parentsplaining and gender reveal parties). Thanks for following along and writing such thoughtful (and/or psychotically aggressive) comments and engaging in great debates. You guys make the columns better, and I’m motivated each week to dig through my files to try to put together something entertaining. With that in mind, here are some my current favorite Gold Star submissions, and I hope everyone has a relaxing Thanksgiving! Don’t forget the porn gravy. Or the cranberry sauce. Oh god, I hope you guys don’t click on the cranberry sauce. Let’s get to laughing, shall we?

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