STFU, Parents: Facebook Sanctimommies Know Best

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4. Woe Is Minivan Mom

4. search 'dickbag in minivan'

Ummm…what the hell is Jody talking about? Her car is A) bigger, and B) parked more poorly than this other vehicle, and I genuinely don’t even understand the purpose of her post. It’s times like these that I have to wonder: Wouldn’t it have taken the same amount of time for Jody to park further away and walk than it took to take this picture and post this stupid Facebook update? Sorry, Jody, but you’re clowning yourself. And you’re right up on the edge of that parking space line. Before complaining about something on a public forum, consider assessing the response outcome. If there’s a 90% chance someone is going to tell you that you’re the idiot who parked her giant minivan next to a giant SUV (and took the time to whine about it), maybe quietly moving on with your day would be a better approach.

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