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Movies For Moms: ‘Afternoon Delight’ Is So NOT Delightful

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This entire thing is one giant SPOILER ALERT so if you haven’t seen the movie Afternoon Delight and you don’t want to be told the entire plot, don’t read this mmmmmkay?

I was so excited to see the movie Afternoon Delight. This movie was made for ME. Watching the previews it had every single thing that interests me in it.  It stars Kathryn Hahn, who I love. You can have your Tina Fey and your Amy Poehler but Kathyrn is my secret girlfriend and I love her.

Plus, the movie is set in Silver Lake and if you have ever been to Silver Lake or lived in LA you know how hilariously awful that how scene is. Here is the preview for the movie so you can see what drew me to spend my $3.99 renting it:

[youtube_iframe id=”DQpXyke3VC4″]
Which now shall be forever known as “Let’s Watch These Obnoxious People Who Look Dirty All The Time Shame A Sex Worker For Being A Sex Worker.”

It’s a very disappointing movie.

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