5 Ways Your Kids Can Be Using Social Media Other Than To Document Their Angst

Social Media kids

Social media, kids, and parenting is a whole new trio that has many mothers and fathers worried about their kid’s use and exposure. Yet, social media isn’t all about telling the world what you ate for breakfast, how much you hate algebra class, or sharing pictures of your cleavage. For many parents unfamiliar with the terrain, the reputation of social media platforms as inherent time wasters doesn’t do much to squash that parental anguish either. The absolute testament that Facebook makes girls constantly “camera ready,” or encourages boys to tweet inane comments, devalues the actual power that social media has. These mediums, if used accordingly, don’t have to be a constant exercise in vanity.

From chiming in on movements to contacting idols to simply staying informed, platforms like Facebook and Twitter give almost everyone a voice — even kids!  So regardless of whether you allow Internet access to your kids yet, consider these five possibilities before setting the rules in stone.


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