Steubenville Moms Are Rape-Jacking Because They Feel Victimized By Rape Victim

BCBe9kxCMAEF5qhRecently various sources released the probable cause transcripts in the court case involving the alleged rape that took place in Steubenville, Ohio during parties that were held at various locations on August 11th. I won’t link or post the transcripts here, because they name the underage victim in the case and I just don’t feel right about that. The transcripts are public knowledge, but I feel this girl has been victimized enough. I’ve read the transcripts myself, and even though they incidents describe no actual penis-to-vagina penetration, what they do describe is rape. And even though there are many individuals who want to argue this point with me, I stand by my belief that an unconscious individual cannot give consent to a sexual encounter. Hence, I will continue to use the word “rape” – because that is exactly what it is.

An Ohio judge ruled Wednesday that the trial of the two high school football players charged with raping the 16-year-old girl, who was considered too drunk to resist, will be open to the media and the public, and the trial begins on March 13th.

Another rally is being held tomorrow at noon in front of the Steubenville court house. Rally organizers state that they will encourage attendees to wear red and black, and that the theme of the gathering is to support and uplift the “innocent residents of Steubenville” and provide support for the victim, commonly referred to in this case as Jane Doe. The residents of Steubenville have been quite vocal as of late about the victimization they have suffered due to the fact some of their residents decided to assault an unconscious girl and then go on social media and #humblebrag about it. In a letter to The Herald Star, one resident expresses her dismay, going so far as to compare the situation to the media scrutiny of Steubenville to Nazi Germany:

When Hitler was infiltrating the minds of Germans, it was a calculating deconstruction of a body of people, methodical and destructive enough to make reasonable people believe. When it was over, suicide, devastation and shame prevailed over those reasonable people. Our town of Steubenville is in danger of being deconstructed in the same calculating manner by a few people infiltrating the minds of reasonable people. Divide and conquer, isn’t that what is happening?

Two boys are going to face a rape trial. There is evidence and there are witnesses thanks to Hanlin’s quick actions. Isn’t that what we want? There were kids tweeting distasteful things, not unlike many of you adults now. Do any of you know better than the officials about what can be tried in a court of law? It’s time we support the officials trying to do their jobs without being diverted to schools for lockdown because of more deflecting tactics designed by anonymousky. It’s time to support our town and not participate in the deconstruction of a community that so many of us love.  

They have created videos:

[youtube_iframe id=”ppHQttLEGZU”]

And they have created blogs, all under the urging of Steubenville’s new city spokesperson,   right-wing blogger and “erotic and fetish” photographer, Lee Stranahan. I’m not sure he is the best choice to represent a city regarding a rape case, but that is just my opinion.

One resident who I have been exchanging E-mails with is Jill Watkins, and I told her I would be writing about the rally and asked her if she would be interested in making a comment. Jill politely declined, and responded with:

No thanks. Most of those people will be there for the wrong reasons.. its a hate group full of dangerous felons.. i cant even go to work tomorrow because if their so called peaceful rally… these people are not peaceful.. just causing havoc in our city… and we dont need their racism. Its hard to change the mind of the kkk… and this group mostly are fake anons with  their own hateful agendas..  if you were here…you would understand what i mean.


I have sympathy for these parents, Jill in particular because she is very friendly and I do think she was edited in a very strange way during her appearance on the Dr. Phil show. But I don’t agree with what she said above, because I know for a fact that at any given moment, there are numerous anonymous sects working diligently to counteract racism and hate speech. Every single rally held in Steubenville has been peaceful and quite touching. I have seen no evidence of hate or disruption, save for the fact it may interfere with main street traffic. I take issue with these people taking issue with how the general public is reacting to Steubenville, because if we were not present at the party held on August 11, we didn’t cause any of this.

I would like to take this moment to remind the fine residents of Steubenville that no one made these boys rape this girl. No one in the media made these boys post messages like this on Twitter:


And maybe those of you who are whining about your victimization to the editorial departments of local newspapers and creating blogs to “Take back the ‘Ville” you should realize that even though it’s a good thing to have pride in your city and the innocent residents, ya’ll are starting to look like a bunch of self-involved victim-blamers.

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