Video: Michael Jackson’s Daughter Says That Those Masks Were ‘Stupid’

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Michael Jackson's children masksLindsay Lohan‘s loss is Paris Jackson‘s gain! When Lindsay failed to hop on her plane in time to make her contracted taping with The Ellen Degeneres Show, 13-year-old Paris got the opportunity to discuss everything in her young life instead.

The teenager recently broke records at The Buckley School when she became the first female football player in the school’s entire history. She describes her childhood as “normal” despite the much scrutinized parenting of her father, Michael Jackson, who notoriously dangled her little brother over a hotel balcony in Germany some years back.

Paris describes her father’s insistence on those highly publicized masks and veils that the children often wore against the throngs of paparazzi as “stupid.” But now that she is a bit older, the middle Jackson child says that she understands her father’s concerns about the safety of she and her siblings. She also expresses relief at going unnoticed at her high school, telling Ellen:

“I do have a regular childhood. I mean, I’m treated the same. When I came to (my new school) they didn’t know who I was. I was like, ‘Yes, I have a chance to be normal.'”

Paris is set appear in her first film series soon, which the young lady’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, hesitantly consented to.

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