This Crazy Graduation Photo Proves Cakes Are Always Better When the Decorator Screws Things Up

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Do you remember what your graduation cake looked like? I think I have a pretty good memory, especially for pastry, and I don’t think I can remember a single birthday cake I ever had aside from the time my mom got me a cake stuffed with cannoli filling, becase we are just that Sicilian. But as for decorations, most of them slip my mind.

Nobody at the graduation of Reddit user Scaarleet will ever forget her epic graduation cake, though, because someone at the cake store was very confused when they decorated this masterpiece.

According to Foodbeast, Scaarleet’s mother asked the bakery to make a cake with a photo of her daughter with a cap drawn on her head. Someone got confused. This is what happened:


(Via Imgur)

They drew a little cat on her head instead! That’s hilarious. When Scaarleet–real name Laura–‘s mother went to pick up the cake, she was in tears she was laughing so hard. Some people might have thrown a fit about the mistake–or drop-kicked the cake across the store, like some people–but Scaarleet’s mother brought the messed-up cake home for everyone to see, because you’d have to see this to believe it.

OK, this is no “My Little Tony” cake, but it’s still pretty darn funny. Laura and her mother will be showing people pictures of this cake on their phones for years to come. They got a laugh and a good story out of it, which makes this cake way better than if the bakery had gotten it right.

I’m deeply envious, actually. I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to screw up one of my cakes, but everything showed up just as it was meant to. Oh well. I’ll just have to comfort myself with the fact that my cakes are stuffed with cannoli filling. Honestly, that’s pretty comforting.