Call In The Lactivists, Kristin Cavallari Stopped Breastfeeding Because She Felt Like A ‘Slave To Pumping’

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Kristin CavallariAs far as celebrity moms go, we’re beginning to appreciate Kristin Cavallari‘s blunt, no-nonsense responses to the standard tabloid “Celebrity Mommy” questions. First, she shot them down for suggesting she had dropped all of her baby weight. Now, she had no qualms in letting the world know that breastfeeding just wasn’t for her. After the requisite six months, Cavallari just threw in the towel. And while lactivist moms might be organizing a march to her home at this very minute, I say, “Good for you, lady!”

When talking to Us Weekly, the new mom explained about nursing,

“It’s hard. It was the hardest part of the whole thing and no one tells you that. I was a slave to pumping.” As an alternative to breast milk, Cavallari is feeding baby Camden “a goat milk concoction that [fiance] Jay [Cutler] found.”

Alright, I don’t know that I would start feeding my child a “goat milk concoction,” but that’s not the point. The whole issue here is that these parents made the decision that was best for their family. And they aren’t harming their child by choosing not to nurse past the six month. As for the goat milk stuff being harmful? Well let’s assume they’ve consulted a pediatrician about it.

Lots of parents stop nursing for any manner of reasons, and if Cavallari wasn’t enjoying the process, she had every right to call it quits. Still, plenty of those who feel personally invested in the fight to shame every mother who doesn’t nurse until the toddler years are jumping in to guilt this woman. A sampling of the comments:

From $38430589:

Try reading up on what you denied your kids sometime. It’s not just a rabid idea to save money or anything, it’s actually a health benefit, not only for the baby’s immune system but their mental state as well. That bonding that you denied your kids may still have plenty of effect on them. I’m not saying it will, but why risk it just because you find it inconvenient?

From Julissa:

Selfish! she felt like a slave?!…The benefits of breastfeeding are never found on formula…Why not sacrifice and give your baby breast milk  that is call “the gift for life”

From AM68:

So because it was “inconvenient” she stopped??  She doesn’t work so she doesn’t have the same issues that women with babies and JOBS have to deal with while breastfeeding.

I’m just waiting for the La Leche League sponsored social media campaign to get Kristin Cavallari nursing again. Because that’s what happens. A woman opens up about her personal choice not to breastfeed and parents all over the planet feel like they have an inalienable right to tell that mom that she made the wrong choice. Not just the right, they have the moral imperative, because they’re worried about “the child.” The child who will obviously benefit from their mother being torn apart by internet commenters.

Well we here at Mommyish say, “Whatever works for you, Kristin Cavallari!”

Oh, and let us know about this goat’s milk thing. We’re intrigued.

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